The bouncing, wide-eyed ball girl who wanted to write about baseball more than anything was gone, abandoned in increments on football fields, at locker room doors, in editors' offices, and on barstools. I began a one-kid campaign to institute ball girls at Arlington Stadium as well as to become the first. By then, I had become accustomed to the nudity and byplay of the locker room. None of the guys I knew who went to predominantly black high schools or high schools with an even distribution of black and white kids showered in their locker rooms. We never wanted for anything we really needed, but my parents, raised in the Depression, were cautious about spending. I wrote management repeatedly. I was a common sight in and around the Rangers digs in those days, so it was no longer like I was some rookie, afraid to speak my mind.

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Inappropriate Things That Really Happen In The Women’s Locker Room

Posted by Richard Bedhall January 10, Had all that I'd put up with just been for nothing? I began experiencing panic attacks and became practically addicted to the antianxiety drug Xanax, buying it from bartenders and acquaintances when my prescriptions ran dry. He was really mouthing off at me. One of my greatest honors.

My Own Private Locker Room

He could not allow me to bother the guests. I can't understand the idiots who call the sports department and want to talk to a man on the phone instead of me—or some guy who goes out of his way to spit Niblets on me. The guys screamed at me and demanded to know if I was "on the rag" when I was surly; yet they could scream and be surly at me all they wanted. Do your makeup to walk out There are super cute guys in the lobby area doing leg lifts. I met this sexy blonde babe at the gym and she teased me silly while I worked out, twerking her delicious tight bubble butt in a skimpy bikini.
The classics of GFRevenge! And in no mood to take shit anymore. I pulled down my shorts and jerked off while watching them have hot lesbian sex and eat each other out. Sometimes I take a seat in the dugout, where a few of the guys are filtering in, grabbing bats and bubble gum. Every year, people who have overpaid taxes don't file a return—and the agency says time is running out to claim it. A kid—I mean, really a kid—started telling me women had no business in the locker room. I used to write Dallas Cowboys columns in blue Crayola on a Big Chief tablet in the part of my sister's walk-in closet I had designated as the press box.

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